A short account of Landahl’s long experience

The idea for the current Landahl came into being in the spring of 2003. Three successful law firms, each with extensive experience in the property and construction sector, discovered they shared common values and a common goal – to strengthen their position within the sector. At the turn of the year 2003/2004, the three firms – Landahl, Wennerholm & Öhman and Alfa – merged to become Landah Öhman, a law firm with the motto:

Collective Experience – Increased Knowledge

Within a short space of time, Landahl Öhman had consolidated its position as a bigger and more prominent actor in the property and construction sector. Since 2009 the firm has been known under the shorter name of Landahl.

Landahl is one of the property and construction sector’s leading law firms, carrying out assignments for many of the country’s largest property and construction companies and for other private sector property owners, as well as for the state, local authorities and county councils. Landahl offers clients representation in all legal matters and disputes. Our experienced lawyers also represent clients in lawsuits and negotiations relating to all aspects of law in this sector.