Landahl – in a leading position as law firm for the property and construction sector

The focus of Landahl’s practice area is primarily the property and construction sector. Landahl carries out assignments for many of the country’s largest property and construction companies and for other private sector property owners, as well as for the state, local authorities and county councils. In the property and construction sector, Landahl ranks as one of Sweden’s foremost law firms. Landahl offers clients representation in all types of legal matters and disputes.

Keenly aware of the lively dynamics of the construction sector, Landahl makes it a priority to keep abreast of the constant changes and legal developments, and has put in place a careful recruitment process designed to maintain and develop the type of specialist competence which this sector demands. Landahl’s specialization within the property and construction sector, together with the firm’s combination of breadth, competence and branch knowledge, assure our clients receive significant added value. In addition, Landahl’s lawyers are highly reputed within the sector, as well as with authorities and colleagues.


Under the motto Collective Experience – Increased Knowledge, Landahl offers competence and breadth for all matters relating to property, land and environment. Landahl’s practice areas span construction contract law, planning and building law, environment and water law, expropriation law, commercial and residential lease law, tenancy law, tenant/owner association law, formation of tenant/owner association law and leasehold law, as well as related areas such as consultant and estate agent law, company law, law of association and general business law.

Landahl’s lawyers have extensive experience in judicial proceedings, and are often hired in disputes and arbitration. Landahl works closely with the property and construction sector, and understands the client’s reality, where rapid change and new conditions are commonplace. This insight makes Landahl an efficient and experienced collaboration partner, with sound branch knowledge. Landahl’s lawyers are often hired as external course leaders and lecturers; they also provide in-house courses under the firm’s own management.