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Rights of association law

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There are many different types of association

The most common types are cooperative economic or non-profit associations, but there are also other special types of association, such as joint ownership associations.

Cooperative economic associations, in the form of tenant-owners’ associations or housing associations, and joint ownership associations, are common within the field of property law. A tenant-owners’ association or housing association manages residential and/or commercial premises, while a joint ownership association manages something jointly owned, such as a community facility. A tenant-owners’ association is formed through its registration with the Swedish Companies Registration Office, while a joint ownership association is formed through its registration with the Swedish Land Survey.

Numerous different types of issue can arise in the field of rights of association law, e.g. in relation to formation, membership, administration, the actions of the Board of Directors, the conduct of the association’s General Meeting, amendments to statutes, liquidation/dissolution, etc.

Landahl can provide assistance in the form of advice on all types of association-related issues. We can, for example, offer assistance in conjunction with formation or winding up, when drawing up or amending statutes, or in conjunction with some form of dispute between members and associations. We can also be engaged to chair association’s General Meetings or otherwise participate in General Meetings.