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Property transfers

One of our areas of expertise

We can help you buy or sell properties

The way in which a property may be transferred is regulated in the Swedish Land Code, and although the rules are, to some extent, restrictive, there is still plenty of potential for tailoring the agreement in line with your requirements.

It may sometimes be more appropriate to draw up a property regulation agreement, rather than a purchase agreement, or to make a so-called indirect transfer through a corporate acquisition. We help our clients draw up and negotiate transfer documents in line with the client’s objectives.

Landahl has extensive experience of and provides ongoing advice in conjunction with the purchase and sale of properties and related issues, both with regard to direct property transactions and to transactions that take a corporate form. We work with all types of property transaction – large and small – and have a good understanding of our client’s business. Our focus is on quality and professionalism. We work in a solutions-orientated way and assist the client with negotiations, project management, strategy, and planning.

We often, in conjunction with transaction advice, assist our clients in such areas as due diligence, drawing up of purchase contracts and other documents, contract negotiations, restructuring, management and ownership, property development, land development, property registration, and detailed development plan issues. We can provide advice on planning and building law preconditions and have in-depth experience of drawing up, reviewing, and negotiating all the agreements and documentation generated in conjunction with a transaction and property development.