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Area of competence

Site leasehold

One of our areas of expertise

Right of occupation in areas divided for development

The term, site leasehold, refers to the leasing of properties held by the Swedish State or
municipalities for development. 

The development may refer to housing (both multi-dwelling blocks, semi-detached houses, and detached houses), offices, other  commercial premises, or industrial premises. Site leaseholds are more long-term than other usufructs and grant the site leaseholder  right of occupation to the property in a way that can almost be equated to title. Site leaseholds cannot be terminated by the site leaseholder and the property owner, i.e. the State or the municipality. Opportunities to terminate site leaseholds are limited and can only occur after extended periods of time.

We assist clients in conjunction with negotiations on entering into, drawing up, and interpreting site leasehold agreements and also provide our clients with legal representation in matters relating to alterations to ground rent, termination of site leaseholds, compulsory purchase and similar matters before land and environment courts and in public courts of law, and in dealings with the Swedish Land Survey.